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JavaScript IDE for Android


ScriptIt simplifies building JavaScript solutions for the Android platform, including phones, tablets and small devices. As JavaScript engine, a framework and integrated development environment (IDE), ScriptIt includes important features required to build solutions, including 20 templates, 40+ snippets, 9 layouts, help subsystem and 60+ sample scripts.
Features:• Embedded JavaScript engine - Embedded Mozilla Rhino JavaScript engine and provides seamless access to the entire Android platform.• Code editor - streamlines editing with smart indenting, block indent/undent, block comment/uncomment, JavaScript syntax highlighting, menus, brace matching, etc.• File menu - operations new, open, save, revert, shortcut run, close, backup and restore.• Edit menu - operations undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all, select block, toggle comment, delete line, indent, undent, find/replace, snippet, layout, formatter.• Navigation menu - operations to beginning of file, end of file, beginning of line, end of line, go to line number, go to function, matching brace and error.• Keyboard shortcuts - Add a keyboard and turn your tablet into a real development machine.• Templates - start with activity, splash, background worker, sensor, camera, video play, list activity, text to speech, recognize speech, audio recorder and video recorder or choose an empty script.• Snippets include standard activity methods, function, return, variable assignment (null, array, dictionary), if, else, if-else, switch, with, for, do while, try catch finally, to dialer, to activity, pick image, do work in background, toast and log.• Layouts produce auto-generated code that uses a resource layout and maps widgets to JavaScript variables.• Log viewer aids in debugging a scripts and offers filter highlighting to quickly find textual information.• Console displays all print output• Run scripts from inside the IDE or separately as home-screen shortcuts. • Backup and Restore from dated archives.• Tips - learn about important features.• Shortcuts - Create a shortcut to directly run a script outside of the ScriptIt IDE.• Sample Scripts - 50 scripts show how to access Android features like location, sensor, orientation, vibration, contacts, calendar, telephony, SMS, send test, logging, images, files, video, audio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, packages, installed apps, tic tac toe and much more.• Help subsystem - topics like keyboard shortcuts, language, FAQ and other resources.
Note:• Supports: Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow• Ratings - Please take time to evaluate ScriptIt before placing a review. Rating without an opinion is not helpful to other users and will be flagged as inappropriate.• Permissions - Sample scripts need access to device features like: vibration, send SMS, read contacts and calendar events, GPS (access_fine_location & access_coarse_location), record audio, install shortcut, read logs, internet, camera etc. Without permissions, scripts cannot do much.• Blog - For a deeper understanding of the product, features and programming examples - visit